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My Office

My Office

Somewhere over Australia

3 comments on “My Office

  1. Dave
    March 27, 2014

    That wing looks really familiar – it’s not a Caravan, is it?

    • drdouglynch
      March 27, 2014

      Yes that view is the staple diet of skydivers the world over. The classic retrieval aircraft for the RFDS is a KingAir. When we are flying short, low speed low altitude flights we use this Cessna Caravan in Cairns, Far North Queensland. I don’t think any other RFDS Base uses them. Cairns runs more days of remote clinics than any other base.
      We also fly out our friends and colleagues from other services.
      Most conspicuously the Cape York Aboriginal Medical Service; Apunipima.
      These guys are great.

  2. daveoflynn
    March 27, 2014

    That wouldn’t be a Caravan, would it?

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