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Jellybeans. Conversations with Care. The Jellybeans started here and are now also hosted on (The Original) & This is the complete collection. Sometimes containing more controversial offerings.

So why was it called

Its all about the children.

Leading on from the last post; “Where do you start something like SMACC?” I was getting over the social stigma of social media.

I decided to go to the first SMACC conference in Sydney.

I listened to the lovely doctors on the lovely tropical island and I was convinced. It was the lovely accent of that nice Dr McPartlin that tipped me over the edge. I hired a wee house and brought the wee family. We stayed in Ultimo a few doors down from The Lord Wolseley Hotel.

Serendipitously my very talented cousin, @daveoflynn decided to get married a few days before SMACC on an island somewhere in Sydney Harbour. (Here’s Dave on YouTube, he’s the good looking one on the left. Not sure about the music  though!)

Ahhhhh. The great Irish tradition of restrained weddings and as you can imagine Dave is a very restrained guy.

Actually this was a very classy and imaginative wedding but that didn’t stop me and mine getting it on. Its important however to bring Dave & Roz in to the story because;

1. Dave and I got to know each other when my aunt, and eccentric hero, Dierdre O’Flynn died on her own terms after a very long victory over breast cancer. (More on this later.)

2. Three days of partying had me in a very interesting and disinhibited mode/mood at the start of #SMACC2013 (More on that later.)

3. Daves twitter account has lots of pictures of Spike, the ridiculously cute English Shepherd and successful blogs surely require pictures of puppies. (More of Spike on Daves twitter account.)

Enough about that.

I had my mic. I downloaded a free app called SoundCloud. And BOOM! Apparently thats all you need to get started. I tested it out through a simple iPhone 3g connection the night before the conference about 2am. This is what I recorded.

You see? It really couldn’t be easier. I could do it. You can do it.

Since then Scott Weingart has shown me how to do it a more sophisticated way and now my podcasts can be hosted at This sort of thing is important if you want to be able to put podcasts on iTunes.

BeanBoozled are the odd Jellybeans made by Jelly Belly. Check out the flavours.



If you get an orange one they really taste like “Barf” or “Peach” and you cannot tell which one you’re about to pop in your mouth. My nephew loves them. (DOM_J_BENOIT on instagram. Why do all kids want to be huge on instagram? More on that later.)

I picked the name back then as I foresaw that questions from me would indeed be a podcasting version of the candy. I don’t know if you are going to get a “buttered popcorn” or “rotten egg” question. I really don’t.

I’d like to give every interviewee a box of these sweets as a wee thank you after we talk. They might not appreciate it though.

Conflicts of Interest.

I get no money from Jelly Belly for promoting their excellent product but I will say this; I’m willing to prostitute myself to the Confectionary-Industrial Complex for a lifes supply of these things as indeed any right minded person would. (Big Confa is not all evil!) (Nestle probably is, allegedly.)

Interestingly one of the stories about the name of the company is actually related to the truly great American blues man; Jelly Belly. Here he is with Guitar Slim.

Now; the next question is “Why isn’t it called any more?”

Well that is another story altogether.

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Walked up #FrenchmansCap in #Tasmania in the #rain and #cloud and slept in my #hammock at #Tahune outside the very nice new #TahuneHut in four days I never saw the #Cap despite taking a very wet walk up to the #summit This has to be close to the #mostbeautifulplaceonearth even in the #incessantrain
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