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Jellybeans. Conversations with Care. The Jellybeans started here and are now also hosted on (The Original) & This is the complete collection. Sometimes containing more controversial offerings.

Jellybean 4; with @tessardavis

Tessa Davis

Tessa is a very impressive woman who invents things.

I met her first at SMACC 2013 when she had already started her regular segment in Lifeinthefastlane; TechTool Thursday

Tessa is from Glasgow originally but has been based in Australia for 3 years or so and we’re better off for it. I doubt she thinks the move was a mistake because she probably would have said so.

Always pushing health innovation, her list of achievements is pretty bloody long Don’t Forget The Bubbles, GuidelinesForMe, iClinicalApps and learnmed.

The GuidelinesForMe project is one of my favorites. How many times have you been confronted by a matter and you just wanted to know what the standard of care was, you didn’t want to re-invent the wheel but you didn’t know where to look. This website is open for anyone to put a guideline up. You don’t have to love guidelines, or even love the guideline that you might put up there. Go and have a look; theres are 3153 there as I type this, see if you can add one. Share and share alike.

Interestingly only the second Jellybean starts getting into the issue of gender equality in Medicine and Free Open Access Medical education (FOAMed). More on that later.

Tessa also starts a trend within the bag of Jellybeans. There are a lot of Scots. I love Scotland. I don’t know exactly why. My number one scottish mate tells me that scottish people are a lot like irish people but without the tendency towards blatant self-promotion and embellishment of almost every thing we utter. I feel he undersells the innovative nature of Scotsmen and Scotswomen or is that his point? Half of the inventions of the industrial revolution seems to be Scottish and they just keep coming from Absolute Zero, through too many great bands to mention to Irn-Bru (possibly the worlds most effective hangover cure).

Theres a bit of background noise here as we are pretty much in a bar. “An Irishman, a Scotswoman and a (enter nationality) walk into a bar…..”


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