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Jellybean 36 with Rob MacSweeney

Rob MacSweeney & Matt MacPartlin in Fairy-Land.

Sounds wrong.


It’s simulated Fairy-Land but I’m not sure that makes it any better.

(I am expecting “Captain Holly Short” of “LEPrecon” to turn up and sort this out.) (Come on! That’s an easy cultural reference!)

I really should have put this Jellybean out earlier to encourage people to go to SMACC Dublin but that would have been a complete waste of time given that the whole thing sold out in seconds.

Rob had just debated Paul Marik (Mr Fluid) in Chicago and lost despite being one of the best read people in medicine. Maybe the most conspicuous reader around at the moment given his

Ok; Checklist; 


Figure how to be a New Consultant in Belfast. Check.

Organise SMACC Dublin. Check.

And that wasn’t enough to keep him occupied so he has set up a new breed of journal in the form of

This is something I have been waiting for a while. It’s a fantastic concept and it’s free. Actually it is free x free x free. Which means they are proposing to do it all for free. (That sounds like a lot of work.)

The idea is fantastic but it requires buy in from all #FOAMed types.

A lot of us are educators and a few of us are researchers. Rob and Andrew Ferguson are doing the heavy lifting but check out the team behind them. It is a balanced “who’s who?” of #FOAMed and established world leaders.

Rob and Andrew are relaunching the site before SMACC Dublin. Have a dig around the site. Have a think about what it might mean to the anarchic #FOAMed community. Have a think about what it might do for you. Then, perhaps, put your research where your mouth is and submit.

Why shouldn’t new research or reviews not be put out for free and immediately on the web? Why Not have original Research on

It is a difficult thing they are trying to do. Not a penny is being made. Plenty of pennies have to be spent.

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”

Bird? Plane? Superman? Nope.

(Watch out for the correct pronunciation of the word “Super” at the end. Always good to keep up with the Gold Standards of Elocution while you’re having some Jellybeans.)



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