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Jellybeans. Conversations with Care. The Jellybeans started here and are now also hosted on (The Original) & This is the complete collection. Sometimes containing more controversial offerings.

Jellybean 40 PTSD with Paramedic Rusty


Hi I’m Rusty.
Hello this is Rusty.
Hello my name is Rusty.
Paramedic. Educator
Team Leader.
And a different type of leader too. A special one. Have a listen.
This Podcast is closely linked to two podcasts that have been released on St. Emlyns; or via their iTunes podcast feed.
Look for “Wellbeing” by Iain Beardsell and Liz Crowe and “Handover” which has Rusty mixed in with a bunch of prehospitalists talking about Critical Care Handovers.

Rusty refers to a conference which had passed before I even got back to Australia. But they will have more events, have a look at;


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