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Jellybean 60 with Dave Hartin (and Tayto)

Ready for a laugh? We take two fast-talking and sleep-deprived Irish people and lock them in a shed. They talk. Fast. They tackle the big issues. From Nursing Home Patients in Emergency Departments to the great Sectarian Potato Snack debate. (Try to guess who had had coffee and who hadn’t.)

Dave Hartin is from Northern Ireland (pronounced “Norn Iron”) and from East Anglia too. (Funny accent squared.). Ipswich seems to have a bit going on. They arranged for a stall at the last SMACC to make people aware of this.

Enough medicine already! Lets talk about the more serious matters, possibly the major diplomatic elephant in the room. They didn’t sort it out in the Good Friday Agreement. They pretended this problem wasn’t there when they handed out the Nobel Prizes. One of the most troubling problems since the troubles revolves around potatoes. There is a thing called Tayto. They are the best crisps in the world. Irish people need them to survive and have them shipped to every where an irish accent can be heard.

I shall let Dave explain but it’s important that you know that there is a Northern Ireland Tayto from Tandragee and another Tayto from Ashbourne in the Republic of Ireland.

Some conflicts are just too difficult to solve. Dave is from near Tandragee. Tandragee is not Ashbourne. It nearly comes to blows.

I distracted Dave from his potato fuelled patriotism by moving the conversation onto Anglia where we were sucked into the Ipswich versus Norwich debate. (Phew.)

In no time we race through Emergency training in Ulster/Anglia and the huge drain of doctors out of Emergency in the UK to places like Australia. (Can’t see that improving with Brexit.)

And in the end we conclusively show that human doctors all seem to have caffeine issues and should probably not be trusted with fish.

(To Rosie I say; Good Luck. To Tea-bag I say; Rest in Peace.)

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