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Jellybeans. Conversations with Care. The Jellybeans started here and are now also hosted on (The Original) & This is the complete collection. Sometimes containing more controversial offerings.

Jellybean 63 with Matthew Harris

Matthew Harris and I help each other through an emotional morning at SMACC when we remembered everyone’s favourite motorcycle medic/maniac/comedian; Doc John Hinds

Some of us are off to SMACC in Germany. Some aren’t. Some sadness. Fear not though. The lectures will be shared for free on SMACC podcasts in the future. You may miss out on some of the fun but you don’t have to miss out on the learning. It is a #FOAMed thing. Long live #FOAMed.

The atmosphere was electric in Dublin even if the WiFi was steam powered. The whole thing started off with us remembering a departed friend; Dr John Hinds; a man with an insane hobby, a man with an immense sense of humour and a man that inspired people.

This Jellybean with Matthew Harris captures a little of the feel of the first morning. It is a classic Jellybean. Two people that really just met but liked each other instantly. Lots of background noise. Lots of fast talking. And quite a bit of emotion.

Matthew shares a wee story about John and how he was inspired by the long haired Ulsterman to get into this funny world of pumping out educational stuff for no financial reward.

Matthew Harris has continued putting stuff out. Have a look at HarrisCPD website and please note that the website name is slightly different now to what Matthew was calling it when we spoke in Dublin.

We will be celebrating Doc John Hinds again in Berlin even if we are missing him. Am I the only one that would like to hear how John Hinds would see things like Brexit and Trump? John did see things differently; let’s call it “Hinds-Sight”.

If there was one person in #FOAMed that could get you to remember something very serious by making you wet yourself, it was John.


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