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Jellybean 65 with Henry Goldstein

From Medical Students, through random missives to Men about the house and tattoos. @HenryGoldstein talks to @TheTopEnd about many, many things.

Don’t, whatever you do, just don’t forget the bubbles.

I get a chance to chat to stylish, charming, and generally very hard to dislike Henry Goldstein.

I knew of Henry through his work on the rather excellent DFTB Paediatric FOAMed site but when I got to talk to him I found out he started out with his own anonymous Medical Student Blog. Now there’s a funny business. So we get stuck into what it was like being students on opposite sides of the world and a generation apart. And we delve into some of the less fun parts of being a medical student. Henry, being a lovely fellow, turns the conversation around and reminds me of some of the really beautiful bits.

Henry speaks much more quietly than I do which is probably part of why he doesn’t scare little children.

The next thing you know we are talking about adolescent medical research in Franco-phonic Switzerland while wearing lycra and shaving your legs. (Sort of.) Which leads us to trying to muddle your way through medical work in a second language. Which is basically bloody hard and makes me respect all my “english as a second language” nursing and medical peers even more!

All this happened before we talk about babies and our own babies. And the interesting matters around maternal versus paternal experiences as employees in modern western medical systems. Henry has managed to work part-time and be at home with his baby girl in a partial reversal of the more common gender roles. Three cheers for that.

It’s a SNAG riot. (Sensitive New Age Guys.) One has to laugh at ones self. I know I do.

And speaking of laughing at ones self we finish off with a chat about a tattoo and a cool t-shirt. (It makes more sense when you listen to it. So go and listen to it. And go and look at Don’t Forget the Bubbles)

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