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Jellybean 102 with Dr Pendo George

Emergency Medicine in Tanzania
What do you know about emergency medicine in Tanzania? Listen and learn from Dr Pendo George, the first female emergency physician in Tanzania, Vice-President of EMAT and head of Paeds Emergency at Muhimbili National Hospital. Twitter; @ulovegeorge
This is Dr Pendo George from Tanzania. I met her in Sydney at SMACC where she was a SMACCreach representative. SMACCreach was the possibly the best thing about SMACC this year. The organising committee ran an excellent program this year bringing leaders from countries around the world. These people are creating entirely new specialties in their home countries. These people are heroes. Their task is HUGE.
Have a listen and learn a bit about how it all works in Tanzania.
Anyone who has listened to more than a couple of Jellybean podcasts will know that we have been banging on about the idea that #FOAMed should try to respond to the people and places that need Free Open Access Medical Education. To do that we all need to understand that one size does not fit all.
We have to think of different professions, different stages of peoples careers, different languages and the different systems in which our colleagues work. There is no “us and them” there is only “us”. Dr Pendo George is one of us but she has a harder job than almost anyone else you have ever met. If you just lend her your ears you will understand more about what emergency medicine services are like for nearly 60 million people.
There is great potential for FOAMed to be a useful resource for vast numbers of people. You are a part of that. All you have to do is listen to Dr George. Be informed.
“There are so many things to build.”
Have a listen to what it is like to work in her shop. Learn a bit about another version of emergency medicine.
Check this out;
And maybe go to TACEM this in October of this year.
Have you been to Tanzania?
Think about it.
Have a look at these other resources mentioned and referred to in the podcast.
Specifically related to the idea of Freely ACCESSIBLE Medical Education you should look at this lost from Dr Kat Evans;
There are more representatives from SMACCreach coming up soon so consider subscribing to the podcast via iTunes or Sticther Radio.
The Jellybean Podcast is keen on collaboration. If you have an idea, talk to me, I will listen.
Doug Lynch @TheTopEnd

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  1. Johnny llama
    April 7, 2019

    Doug Lynch. Jonny llama . Hello

    • Dr Doug Lynch @TheTopEnd
      April 7, 2019

      Not The Jonny Llama of Jonny Llama fame once simultaneously the darling of The Den of Wanockuity Set, The Kit-Boy Option Set, The Cad Set, The Mancunian Set and every other Set?
      Sir, it is an honour!

    • Dr Doug Lynch @TheTopEnd
      December 24, 2022

      Hello Mt Linton

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