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Jellybeans. Conversations with Care. The Jellybeans started here and are now also hosted on (The Original) & This is the complete collection. Sometimes containing more controversial offerings.

Jellybean 28 with Liz Crowe @LizCrowe2


Heart Breaking stories and laughing until you cry and crying until you laugh.There’s a few curses in this one. And so there should be.

Liz Crowe is a Social Worker. I love working with social workers in ICU. I love getting knee deep in a family meeting about death because its just as important as Airway, Breathing, Circulation etc…..

I try to bring humour in to these situations, in fact I cannot totally avoid it. But Liz takes this to a different level. Not just in her attempts to help sure patients and family deal with the horror but also helping the carers to deal with the horror.

In fact she is taking it to the PHD Level.

There is also some great tips for improving your sex life. (Really.)

There is no way I can do her SMACC talk justice so I recommend you listen to it (maybe after you listen to the Jellybean!) – Swearing your way out of a crisis




I think I should do another Jellybean with Liz because I just want to!

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