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Jellybean 29 with our departed friend John Hinds

My friend John is dead.

Long live my friend John.

When I recorded this Jellybean back at a previous SMACC this is exactly how it was written, recorded etc;

Softly spoken. Well balanced. As an anaesthetist and intensivist you might be forgiven for thinking that Dr John Hinds would be a little risk averse.

But not if you’d been to his utterly hilarious talk about madness and mayhem on the very small roads of Ireland.

John Hinds is a jack of all trades. I like those kinds of jacks. 

This is a brilliant example of the sort of extremely cool thing that you can do with a medical, nursing or paramedic qualification. John carries about 25Kg strapped to himself and sends himself along stone walled Irish lanes at eye-watering speeds. John puts his life at risk in order to take a little risk out of one of the worlds most dangerous sports. He doesn’t see his riding as a risky thing. Why? Because he races too. When he is an ambulance on a 4 cylinder rocket he shaves a few percentage points of the level of performance that he applies when he is actually racing rather than being the doctor! So apparently that means its easy for him. 

The guys he races after on his ‘chase’ bike (or races ahead of on his ‘race’ bike) become his friends. And being one of the most dangerous sports some of these friends end up being his patients. 

But it’s about more than just the bike. The jack of all trades status was betrayed by the fact that he spoke on 4 different subjects on the day I caught up with him. As John says; “I’ll talk about anything.”

Available for weddings and bar mitzvahs and bar mitzvahs and funerals and a variety of events involving crazy adrenaline sports; John Hinds is “‘yer man.” @DocJohnHinds Just don’t expect him to break into a sweat doing any/all of it.

What happened next is well known. John died riding his motorbike like a demon.

The funeral joke I am not taking out. That would not be consistent with Johns style.

He died doing something he loved.

I think that’s enough. I think.DrJohnHinds.jpg

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This entry was posted on June 5, 2016 by in Pure Jellybeans.

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